I presented in class today on whether or not popular music should be used a subject or even as part of a teaching method for music in schools. I also attended english class.

Both classes managed to end up in discussions/arguments about religion, specifically Christianity. Its amazing how many people have the same arguments saved up for why they aren't christians. I honestly am fine with you not being a christian, it doesn't threaten me, you don't have to justify it. please, enjoy life, or not, go to church, listen to music, whatever. don't try to convince me that your reasons for not being a christian are good, and I won't try to convince you of anything either. I don't think convincing anyone ever convinced anyone. Perhaps with the exception of Fr. Justin, and then it wasn't one person, it was history, which is really hard to argue with if you really are seeking the truth. but whatever. It was fun. I even got to diss the book of mormon in English class, and the most unexpected person got offended. The girl with the huge long three year dreads turned around and was offended when I said the book of mormon reminded me of a cheap knockoff of King James English. Don't get me wrong, the mormon people I have befriended from time to time over the years, especially Joseph Olsen and Toni and a few others at Fat Camp were among the coolest, most sane people I know. anyways, it was unexpected and fun. She is not a mormon anymore, but felt like she had to defend herself.
Its weird being in school and already having been through a few times, to talk to young students who know that they are right and that they have examined their beliefs and convictions and are confident that they can tell you their views and not be offensive or offended...

I also love when I tell folks I am a christian and they tell me that the church has done terrible things and organized religion blah blah blah. honestly? what-effing-ever. I could not care less about these arguments, because I have so much of my own soul to clean up and kick into shape that those issues, as real as they are, don't affect right here and now and aren't good enough reasons for anyone to believe or not.


elizabeth said...

dave; i had always heard you had started a new blog after ending the old one; but i had never gotten the link and never asked so was happy when Mat Donna enabled me to be here reading your blog. and you in your kindness have kept a link to mine. thank you.

i heard from J in Ottawa that you are to be a father. the first thing i remember about you when thinking about talking to you at TWU before your St. Herman days was your gentleness. and now we are Orthodox and have many good saints, including St. Herman, to show us what having Fathers is about. i am happy for you and L.

Simply Victoria said...

I'm glad you're blogging again.
why are you, btw? just curious.

anyway, I'm impressed that you have the patience to engage with people on the subject of God and religion. Those conversations are so incredibly annoying to me, and just make me dislike people for it. I have no patience for it. so kudos to you.

so classes are going well? when are you starting the pdp program?