Flow Theory/grinding my gears at uvic...

Today in class we learned about this theory of motivation called flow theory, and, from what I understand, it goes like this.

Learners who are pushed to their limit in all areas will excel because they are being fully engaged. I think this makes sense, I wish I had been pushed more when I was in high school.

in other news, you know what really grinds my gears? I go to UVIC right now, and there is a debate going on about a pro life group called Youth Protecting Youth. They are a club and deserve club funding. They are being denied the funding based on their political view that abortion should be illegal. They don't believe that a woman has the right to choose.
The UVIC student society has decided that since it believes in the freedom of a woman to choose, this group who wants to limit that freedom, does not get funding.

The irony is, this is not about abortion, it is about censorship. The UVSS is a student society, representing students at a university. The last time I checked, students are studying ideas and are meant to form a worldview by spending time debating ideas and standing on the shoulders of giants. If the UVSS has their way, they will censor a group based on their understanding of the world, that is, they will curtail their freedom of belief and expression.

let me try again, I think I am confused.

UVSS says that YPY is not allowed to exist, and will not sponsor or fund their group because of their pro-life position. UVSS says this is due to protecting the freedom of choice held by women over their bodies. nobody could deny that every man is a free agent. but to deny fredom of expression to one group because of its beliefs is censorship, especially in a place where ideas are supposed to be freely exchanged. I think my article says it better. ah well. stupid leftists. I mean, I am fairly left leaning, and I wouldn't even say that abortion should be illegal, I don't think it should ever happen, but I don't know that that should be left up to the government to decide...but I do think that anyone who believes either way should be allowed to discuss their ideas and worldview with anyone who will listen, ESPECIALLY on a university campus. honestly!


RW said...

It was the same when I was at UVic - ages and ages ago.

Widgetokos said...

What's really dumb is that it's not like this group could actually threaten the abortion laws at all. So they aren't really "protecting" anyone's freedoms, just censoring women who might otherwise get both view of abortion before making their choices. It's actually not protecting women at all. If women were being protected they were have access to ALL the facts before they make potentially life damaging choices. So really, they HAVE no freedom of choice at all. The censorship of this group is doing the OPPOSITE of protecting choice.

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Callie said...

I am a strong proponent of women's rights to choose (as you, Dave, and I have spoken about at length). However, I have NO problem whatsoever with YPY as an organization. The whole UVSS is ridiculous and top-heavy!