I have been thinking lately that to believe in something isn't actually a thing that we do in the way that we talk about it, as though it is a choice. someone asks you if you believe in God, its not because you decided one day to do that or not to, its a result of how you interpret what you see and experience.
You see the world, and you are thankful and you say that it is not possible for this to exist without the hand of a Good God, you investigate and find that there are truth claims that make sense to you, it is because there is sense in the world, logic and order to the world, and it all fits together. This is the result of how you see the world, your worldview. You can't decide to change it, but it can slowly be changed, for better or worse I think. I wonder about people I know who at one time seemed very dedicated to what they claimed to believe in, and then go through subtle processes that change how they live, though they don't say anything different, or think they believe differently, they act in a way the shows they believe something different than what they say, either about themselves or the world. Often they don't even see it until it is too late, and God grant that they ask for mercy and try to come back to themselves and their family, but who knows. God knows.

I have been catching shrimp in the shrimp trap lately, if I move, I will certainly miss this place. more on that later.

I really enjoy being the choir director, especially when we have practices that go well. Our practice last night was great, so much fun and so productive. They worked hard and it payed off.

I want to find a way to post music here, I have a few recordings of the choir doing russian stichera, but we are moving to a byzantine vespers, which is also going to be cool.

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RW said...

I am glad things are going well. I would love to hear your choir sing.