Du Rien,

SO. I am going to work. which is nice. nice to have work to go to. I am also going to california this weekend for a music conference, which will be nice. the rain is also nice and calming, not that I need calming down, the rain keeps most of us west coasters calm until the sun comes out again. G and R are having a baby soon, that is exciting. Youth Group on friday was a lot of fun, I like those kids. I wish we had it more often, but the buses out here suck, so we'll see.

its so hard to see selfishness until its pointed out, and then when that happens, though I really want it, it sucks. I hate it. and I don't believe it either. its really hard to believe, because I think we are inclined, or at least I am, inclined to think well of myself. God loves me, how could I be being incorrectly.

It was nice to go to KF's bday the other night. I like all those people, she has a lot of beautiful friends. this writing thing is hard to get back into, there are so many thoughts that I need to figure out how to let out, but they just leave me when I sit down.

off to work. ta ta,

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