I am so blessed. life is so full of good things, full of pleasure even. today, we left church, had a coffee at starbucks with people we don't see often enough, talked about church and left. we went home and bought some beer and wine and cheese, drove to 'the guys' house, read plays and poetry by yeats, shakespeare, and python whilst consuming said libations and rations. camembert, goat feta and chedda, traditional ale, guinness, maudite, chaberton, and naked grape. a veritable feast. why do I get to partake in such blessings, such feasting, culinary and cultural, and take joy in life while people are running for their lives.

seriously. people are running from bombs. christians, muslims, atheists, jews. humans. I experienced the best of humanity today, full of beauty. yet there is such pain going on.

I don't complain, I only wonder and am in awe of life and its fullness and mystery. I know my language is a bit flowery but we read the tempest tonight and there are lots of iambs running through my head.

Glory to God for all things. all things. bombs. beer. wine. women. tears. joy. pain.

all things.

all things?

Glory to God for all things. Lord have mercy on the suffering and on those who forget their suffering that we don't lose sight of our need for you.


Matthew Francis said...

I know, Dave, you are so right. It reminds me of that line from the Akathist, "We can live very well on Your earth." Amen.

The Tempest is hands down my favourite play by Shakespeare. And our world today could learn well Prospero's lesson that "the rarer action is in virtue than in vengeance."

Simply Victoria said...

it was a good afternoon, eh?
very mellow.
that doesn't happen often enough around here, but Glory to God for all good things. including, or especially the chaos of kids.