what is it about being watched? Sartre tried to explain it. I don't know that I buy that completely. I am taking care of Alexander right now, a ten year old boy, and while he is not at all the neediest kid I have met, he still says from time to time "watch this" or "look at me" and I see myself in his cry for attention.

I remember when we were on the mountain this summer, coming down from our ascent of Battle Mountain/Mt. Tabor, and Fr. John and Gabe and I were sliding down the snow, falling off small cliffs, jumping off rocks, drinking from the creeks and waterfalls and Fr. said to us something about loving seeing people feel the joy or share the joy of God when we play like this. I have always loved being parallel to people as we hurtle down a mountian, whether its with a bike or a snowboard or just feet that we balance on, its so great to be with others, to see and be seen as we challenge and push and fly. I wonder though what it is about the eyes, being seen and seeing that matter so much? and yet it is not necessary for life, blind people may miss things, but they live.

Bless God for sight.

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