I have had many experiences this summer that have taught me the beauty of silence.
I love people. I love sharing things with the people I know and love and want to know and love. However, I have begun to understand, and I think orthodoxy has shown me this as much as anything, that trying to share and experience by writing or talking about it is about as vivid as letters on a page can be compared to a full life experience.

This is probably because when I explain something, or try, I am a vivid, real life experience, trying to get you to stop paying attention to me (thats a new one) and to imagine what I am talking about in a way that you will fully understand what I experienced, so you can know me better. understand how my worldview has been shaped by that experience.

however. I have experienced three or four very beautiful, intense and God-filled moments that lasted more than a moment this summer, things that I may have tried to explain in the past, but no longer care to. I have begun to see the beauty in having been there, and the tragedy of having missed out, and begun to know that its okay to not try to make everyone a part of everything.

I have experienced the beauty of God, and you too shall share in said beauty, but in a different way. And, I am not going to try and tell you about it. How was going to the monastery yesterday? it was filled with God and Beauty. you should go and see. Oh Taste and See.

still debating with myself about school, and I have found that all three of my top three desired classes are offered next year. Biblical Hermeneutics (the study of interpretation) Theories of Visual Culture, and Philosophical Hermeneutics.


RW said...

and just where are these courses being offered?

are you planning leaving us again?

thoughts about silence will be added later.

Stacy said...

I'm with Ramona... sign me up for the class!

David, this is quite simply an elegant post.

Thank you.

kimberley said...

At the risk of sounding condescending...

You are growing up so nicely, Dave.

kimberley said...

May He direct your steps.

Anastasia said...

This is why I've stopped writing except about school.