Thats enough hiding for this year. it was good, and I will do more thinking, I have not had so much time to think for a long time. It was/is good, and many thoughts about school and life etc. I think I will try and find more stable work this fall while I take classes, and perhaps think about a different angle on a thesis within the context of a degree in church history. Matthew Francis and I had a great talk about russian church music and the difficulty of performance/worship conflicts in the 20th Century, Rachmaninov etc being used for liturgy where it was intended as concert music ( I think )

I have been re-reading Beginning to Pray by Anthony Bloom, its amazing! small, but intense and profound. much to learn.

and now, off to meat Tim at Memphis Ribs. mmmmmmmmmm.


Matthew Francis said...

So good to talk with you, Dave. I keep on learning good things from you, though I end up doing a lot of the talking!

And yes, I am still consoled by Fr. Schmemann watching TV. After I talked to you I watched the show "Hell's Kitchen." Talk about from the sublime to the ridiculous!

cathedral dweller said...

it's an interesting tendency in worship ... isn't it ... that tendency to performance. the most popular styles of evangelical worship, while more accessible to the average person, also tends toward performance.

do you think the tendency to performance born from a desire to have a "feeling" thrust upon one's self rather having it arise out of a participatory encounter? a sort of romantic ideal of having that which seizes you be thrust upon you?

any thoughts?

RW said...

For those that know me - you know that I have struggled a great deal with music - I love the fact that the children sing loud and strong during the liturgy... sure they sing off key and sometimes are off tempo but they are doing the work of the people... I do not like it when I cannot participate in the singing ...I want to work too.

pasivirta said...

That makes a lot of sense Z, being overwhelmed without seemingly a choice in the matter, being ravished as it were.

and definetely it has to do with the desire for the dionysian revelry, the feeling as an end in itself. I was there, seeking emotional rushes, adrenaline junky meets church concert.

RW said...

I don't know what you guys are talking about?