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Some of you will have been the victim of my evangelical fervor regarding Risen Magazine in the past. My sincere apologies. I wholeheartedly believed that this magazine was going to be different in the right way, and consistent about its concern for conveying truth unapologetically (my spelling is becoming atrocious)
The first few issues I have, with people like Billy Corgan, Billy Bob Thornton, Anthony Keidis I think, and a few others on the cover are exceeding excellence. They have thoughtful photography that is clearly driven by a match in the article, the form and content of a photograph, and photographers that put the subject at ease and comfort to the end of an image that portrays honesty and a willingness to be vulnerable. This is the same with the articles. they were so well done, crafted, classy questions that cut to the quick of what life was about, and mini editorials that were creative yet pointed directly at Truth. They hid nothing, were vague about nothing, but they were not cheesy, were not soft. the former editor of the magazine had a great vision, and had the mag stuck with him, it would have been fine. Somehow he has been replaced, and the new editor seems to be more concerned about some idea of cool that he found already adorning chapters or barnes and noble's shelves. the magazine became stale and weak overnight. the questions were lame, the pictures revealed pop-star arrogance, not human vulnerability, not honesty. glamour. hollywood glitz. instead of showing the reality of life, they perpetuated the falsehood that hollywood sells in pepsi commercials. not to mention that the magazine founded explicitly by christians for anyone is now running ads that objectify women as cheaply as any other magazine. sexy shots of some girl trying to sell clothes. GQ is already there on the shelves. and they are honest in their self-awareness. they are selling things, but they also have well written, thoughtful articles on American Christianity from time to time.

All that to say, if you are looking for a pop-culture magazine that engages from the Christian perspective, Risen was it. however, that incarnation is gone and seems unlikely to resurrect.

In other news, I am not giving up on my thesis yet, though that sounds tempting.

so much to do these days. group of twelve hiking in wells gray!!! so excited. I talked to Fr. John today, and there are lakes with fish in them on our hike. sweet.


Paul said...

Very nice, well written criticism of Risen. Are you going to forward it to the magazine? It may be powerful for them to read your non-endorsal. I have seen recent issues of Risen and I agree and will not read or endose it either.

Gabe said...

He already wrote one I thought. I remember them writing back saying they were going to change. Sad.

Fishing! Awesome! except I have no room for fishing stuff, not to mention all of it is in Sask.

Marco said...

Yeah, I think he already wrote one, but this one here is a little more pointed, and a bit of a "you-promised-you'd-change-whatever-happened-to-that" reminder.

Paul said...


Owen said...

i recently started writing for the magazine. hit me with an e-mail.