home again

home again home again, jiggity jig.

went to the holy transfiguration monastery. beautiful. beautiful.

went to the monastery today. life is weird, but great. I got cool pics of br moses and I. we got to talk to Fr. Gregory almost all day.

and, we missed the ferry, so we rented a sweet boat, drove it over to Gibsons and I dropped everyone off, sped back to the ferry and took the 1120, and hitchiked to the monastery. it was sweet.

and many more years to Desmond and Michelle, who we had a dinner for tonight.

I am too busy. currently watching saved, not entirely of my own volition, its a weird experience. I liked it a few years ago, now I am not sold on it. I love a lot of where I came from, and seeing it mocked by people who don't know and love it is not the best thing ever. I mean, I make fun of myself back then, but...I don't know.

it helps me see that maybe what matters is the content of our soul, not always the form. I think that orthodoxy is THE form, but that does not negate other forms or paths to truth, to Christ, to loving our neighbour.


and... my friends from america are here, they are fun. Stacy, Josh and Joshua. I really enjoyed Graham's post, so if you get a chance, click the link to his blog, it captures a lot of what I felt/thought while going through the conversion process. I still am, but less intensely I think.


RW said...

I would like to accompany you on a trip to the monastery at gibsons one day.

I read Graham's post... so much thinking you guys did - makes me reflect on my own conversion experience - I don't think I thought that much.... wonder why now...


Magdalen said...

Ha. Maybe now you won't think I was being 'judgemental' for not being too impressed with Saved when I saw it. *grin*
Glad you had a good trip. Will you be at Rhiannon and Greg's party tomorrow night?

Esul... morning dew said...

Dave, just wanted to say hi... I've been out of the blogging thing for a while. I hate being busy... but I also hate sitting at the computer for hours:) hee hee!
I'm glad to hear that it sounds you're doing well!

("Saved" as in the movie with Mandy Moore...????)

cathedral dweller said...

zeke says - Did you get to the Geary Street Cathedral to venerate the relics of St. John Maximovitch?

Tell me more! I am desirous!

pasivirta said...

yes! more details to come, but check stacy's blog for pics and video's. in the meantime, I will feed phil menno farmer sausage, balvenie ten year old and toast you and your wife. too bad you are absent.