G12/Monastery/feet and flames

the Group of twelve is leaving for Wells Grey park tomorrow. Gabe and I were at the monastery today, I adore Fr. Gregory and the brothers.

seriously, any word less than adore does not do justice to my gratitude for their willingness to spend time with us.

it was great. though, we didn't get a ride on the way there, so we ended up having an hour hike up there with our full packs, a warm up for the g12.

I am so tired.

going to the monastery always re-aligns my spirit. If/when I get out of wack, if I forget who I am supposed to be becoming, I go there, and I see love staring through my soul, burning the chaff off the bottoms of my feet, and have no choice but to be corrected.

feet, meet flames.

and, I got a good email from my thesis advisor. time to keep going. I just have to get some plato to read on the trail. stupid summer, making me have fun.

welp. see you in a week.

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RW said...

Have an AWESOME trip! We will keep you all in our prayers.