I cut off my beard yesterday. its kind of weird.

I am not as distressed about my thesis as I was, but I am still leery.

G12 is coming! I am so excited. we are hiking in wells gray park.

and we are dealing with the feast of the transfiguration.which is cool, but I don't know exactly how to lay out the presentation and how its all going to work out.


The Pleasant Peasant said...

im equally confused about the presentation. itll probably be a nice schoolish lecture, due to the fact that i cant bring pretty posters with me. sorry, you get ot listen to michael and me talk about philosophy for two hours. hurray...

hey dave, could you email me the 'required reading' for the hike? (i cant find my papers.)

pasivirta said...

I would...as soon as I find them...and I don't know about electronic versions...but I have a plan. fear not.

biss said...

You did What?