we're off to see the relics, the venerable relics of John

flickr should have a few new pictures up, at least on stacy's (orthodork on flickr) page. we were in a catholic church called cathedral of the plains yesterday, it was gorgeous.

It was a bit odd being there and asking one of our travelling companions (who is not nine years old) where Jesus was. there were many icons, st.fidelus was front and centre, and there were a few others, but to find Jesus I had to look around a post to find the icon of Christ. It was there, and the church was beautiful, but I noticed that it was different from an orthodox church in many ways, but certainly in that way.

we were at the orthodox cathedral yesterday in wichita KS. It was the most beautiful place I had ever been. On the right side of the ceiling, the right side of the cross (the church is in the shape of the cross) there was the birth and life of Christ, eight giant icons. in the center of the church, in the large cuppola, Christ pantocrator with the Jesus prayer in english, greek and arabic. on the left side of the cross on the ceiling was eight giant icons of the death of Christ, ending with one large one of the resurrection.

the iconostasis was so beautiful, carved wood of course, and the steps were marble. like when russia became orthodox, I felt like I was in heaven.

then, oh goodness, THEN! the choir was SO beautiful. I got to sing in the rehearsal a bit, and then I sang the angel cried at the end of the service, it was SO GORGEOUS!!! the choir was about 14 people like 6 basses and 2 tenors, even mixed women. the director was a firecracker and they sang Christ is Risen so well, so calmly and yet very expressively. granted, the church has three hundred families, so they have a large pool of people to choose from, but man. It was wonderful.

I had a visual experience of the beauty of the life and death of Christ through the iconography, and experienced the beauty of the harmony of the body of Christ through the choir and the liturgy.

Then, we met and were blessed by Bishop Basil, and I met Fr. Josiah, who knows Fr. Michael. and that was really cool.

Oh, and the other day, I had dinner with Fr.Joseph (fred bittle) who played settlers with Fr. Justin and Matushka at seminary. It was very cool to see them. They have a new baby and are working at a mission parish in Little Rock Arkansas. They said to say hi, so Hi Fr. Justin and Matushka!

Today we are going to Garden of the Gods, I am so stoked that I brought my climbing shoes, and then we are having a party apparently with a live jazz band. we are staying here with a lady who is an art prof at a local college, who knows people I know from TWU.

then tomorrow, we pick up Alanna, and head for San Francisco, to go to geary cathedral, and then to the monastery of St. John Maximovitch.

pray for us!


Timmybomb said...

Sounds like a kick ass adventure mate.

Matthew Francis said...

Garden of the Gods is one of my favourite places. I've enjoyed the beauty of that place a few times, and it's definitely my favourite part of Colorado Springs. (Even better than the campy F on the F. tour.

Travelling mercies!

Mimi said...

Travel safely! The Orthodox world is small, is it not?

Gabe said...

Hey, are you guys going to stop by Raphael House also? It's a great place. Not too far from the Cathedral either.

Anastasia said...

fr josiah trenham? i know him?

don't forget to venerate nicholas II's shirt at the cathedral in san francisco!

wish i were there

pasivirta said...

which cathedral? we only went to the rocor church. blast. I wish I had checked my blog before. blast. I am home now. good times. tired.

Anastasia said...

yeah it was at the ROCOR cathedral. it's on the same wall as st john, to his right. it was a blue peasant shirt, underneath the icon of st nicholas of myra.

i got kicked out of that church once.

Paul said...

"we're off to see the relics, the venerable relics of John."

No you're not!! You're back! And what, because now everyone who reads your blog is in town, you feel you don't need to update your blog?? That's gawbage, mistow!