Its finally cold. I am travelling this week. I need to get homework done first though.
I fly to Arkansas to drive back to seattle via kansas, colorado, and SanFran. Stacy, Alanna, and two Joshua's are going, and we are going to venerate St. John of SanFrancisco and Shanghai, which is cool because the first liturgy at the new mission in Vancouver, called St. John of SF and Shanghai, will be on Saturday.

In other news, I have george, the cat back. which is cool, I think. I love animals, and I would have a dog if I could, but I live in an apartment, and I am not at home as much as a dog would need. first a cell phone contract, then internet, now a cat. these commitments are piling up. Oh, and of course Youth Group, which is more of a commitment to fun than anything else. (kidding, I know it will eventually require some actual work)

Yesterday Sid and Melissa got married. It was a good time, the choir seemed to sound good, which was fun. The ceremony was beautiful, the happy couple were excited and rambunctious as usual, the dance floor even got some use. there were the required inebriated rowdies, there was even some guinness at the beginning of the party. the food was great, the music worked, the speeches were short and and good. Jack, sid's brother read a little bit of cowboy poetry which scandalized enough of the crowd to make everyone laugh or pick up their jaw off the floor.

and then most of the people left over after Sid and Melissa split stayed to help clean up, which was good, it made it go much quicker, which was nice. then, an un-named calgarian tried to get me to go with the drunk cowboys to the beach to finish drinking all the beer. I would rather have eaten razor blades, I was so tired. so I went home.

good times. now, to the grindstone.

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