I had a great talk with Phil about time last night. He said that i needed to remember that people like us, cause he does this too, measure time not by clocks and calendars, but by events.
It might seem like a lot of time has passed, when really its been a week and it seems like forever because a lot has happened, even if it is just internally.

Tomorrow I am presenting my paper at TWU. I read it out loud a couple times this morning, and I am excited about it, but I still need to clean it up a bit.

I love BC. It is so gorgeous here. its sunny, and I have my BBQ back. hallelujah. I think I will buy meat and supplies for shandy's. if thats how you spell it. I know it looks kinda girlie, but its a great summer drink. beer and ginger ale, limes and ice cubes. come on over, the grill will be on and the drinks cold. (but not today, I am writing)


Mimi said...

Good luck on the presentation. You have my prayers.

Matthew Francis said...

Shandies are great (and not girly at all), especially if you get a spicy ginger ale like "Real Brew" or ginger beer. In England they're considered as being "for the kids" and they make them with carbonated lemonade but I prefer the piquante, gingery goodness. A shandy is good in summertime!

Magdalen said...

Hey, re: The Book and Bottle: there's a coffee shop for sale for $60,000 in Langley. Walnut Grove. It's got a gas fireplace and everything. thought you might like to know.

RW said...

Where is this coffee shop Mag? -

RW said...

seriously -where is the coffee shop? anybody interested in looking into this idea?

pasivirta said...

I am...I have no money, but we have books and bodies...I would totally do it. lets talk tomorrow at church.

I would even live in the back of it like phil did, and writ my thesis from there. how romantic would that be? so cool.

RW said...

Romance is good but I am thinking of hard work and commitment. If we could fund it -we would need commitment from indviduals to stand behind it. Time and sweat and no promise of lots of profit. I am not in the position yet to quit my job ...but if we could get it up and running .. could we staff it? Pray about this.

Linty said...

I love shandies!

(couldn't resist randomly leaving a note. I'm Peter Chattaway's sister and I don't think I've met you at St. Herman's, though I may have. I have a really, really bad memory for names.)

Peter T Chattaway said...

I measure time by movies.


There are very few movie titles that aren't associated with specific years in my mind -- that is, the years of their release. Say "Toy Story" and I will immediately think "1995", or "Toy Story 2" and I will immediately think "1999".

It's especially fun to look at the Star Trek series of films and remember how I was in Grade 4 when the 1st movie came out, in my last year of high school when the 4th movie came out, in my first years of university when the 5th movie came out, living in the Hoy House when the 6th movie came out, just getting started in student newspapers when the 7th movie came out, and living in downtown Vancouver -- only a few months before I met my future wife -- by the time the 10th movie came out. That sort of thing.