though I wish I had a cool map like plugrules aka Mr. K, I will have to be verbal, or logical, or something.

If any of you are en route, let me know and maybe we get to hook up.

tomorrow (thursday) Little Rock, Arkansas and Memphis Tennessee.
Friday, we drive to Wichita and get there sometime saturday and party like its 1999, or 2006.
Sunday, Liturgy in Wichita ( I think )
Monday we go to Denver CO, where we have another party, with Jazz band or something,
and tuesday we go to San Francisco.

These days are approximate and subject to the will of the people. and God.

there are a few hidden black turtlenecks, one cassock that may not be used, I can't remember but I think a ten-speed is coming. an ipod. clove cigarettes, tobacco pipes, a few beards. and a few rather sizeable Egos, the only thing bigger is the heart that they belong to. wow that was cheesy.

and we arrive in vancouver on thursday or friday after we take the coastal HWY 101 up from San Fran through most of oregon, maybe seeing Sarah in Keizer? and anyone else along the way...I don't know.

but if you want to be included in this road eating extraveganza, that is by seeing us along the way, let us know, that would be sweet. hopefully we can go to st. spyridon's cathedral in seattle, and the left coast cathedral next door, REI.

and don't forget to watch the video on Christo's blog, its sweet.

and, if anyone is interested in taking George, that would be great. just let me know. Til August would be perfect.

See some of you tonight at church.

Oh, and we had a good planning meeting for the youth Group hike at the end of June. updates soon!


Paul said...

Sarah's in CT until August, I think.

Stacy said...

"and a few rather sizeable Egos, the only thing bigger is the heart that they belong to. wow that was cheesy."

It may have been cheesy but it saved you from getting slugged when you got here. No, wait, that would only prove your point. Whatever! You're riding in the trunk!