as I sit on my porch, watching my maui ribs cook on my BBQ, enjoying ginger ale, sunshine, and life in general. I observe my material abundance, (though I am in debt, I live on my own, fairly comfortably for a student, I feel rich, though its all relative right?) and I wonder if I lived on the street and had a life threatening illness, would I still feel loved by God the way I do when I eat, sleep, drink, and live well? I hope so. I think so. Lord have mercy.
I guess that is what monks do...give it all up and continue to love God. maybe it would be easier to remember how much I need from Him...but I also am grateful for all I have. I couldn't spurn the gifts I have been given, material or otherwise...one of which is the freedom and ability to enjoy all of this...so back and forth I go.

okay. thankfully, carefully, slowly...


Ed Doerksen said...

it is good to ponder the gifts and the goodness of God that have enriched our life and very being. It is always good to wonder at the love of God and what He has given us unconditionally.

From what I have been reading of your posts Dave, it would not surprise me if you were to tell us all that you have decided to become a monk. In fact I would totally understand and support your choice.

Take care buddy. I'll be moving to the park tomorrow for the summer. If and when you come to Ontario phone me. I hope you still have my cell phone number.

pasivirta said...

It has occurred to me (and this will be a post later on, but I have to write this down right now, or I will forget, but I don't want to take away from Gabe's party adverts.

It has occurred to me that peace may not mean everyone loving everyone else. I know I don't have to like everyone, but I used to think I did. now I wonder if peace means just that, peace, lack of violence...but I think that peace is breathing slowly because you know everyone is 'at peace' with your existence fully. and peace in the context of not violently expressing outrage at something for the sake of pleasantness is not really peace, its a lie. so, what then, do we do when it doesn't happen, and we can't help it? incidentally, this is all abstract today. I am at peace, just procrastinating. I guess we can shake the dust from our feet, and walk away.

pasivirta said...

oh, and Ed, I do have your number still. keep warm and well fed.

Linty said...

Monkishness appeals to you, 'eh? A monk and a new-ish nun at St. Herman's said to me once "You'd make a great nun!" Don't know what to do with that, meself. Perhaps they were being sarcastic ... I think it was after I said something about being gender-blind the way other people are tone-deaf. No, wait, I think it was after I said something about Faith and Reason being like the two eyes involved in parallax, giving us field-depth. Or ... ? Bah.

I sometimes wish I was a medieval monk hunched over a manuscript.

And in music history classes, I always loved the thought of the Divine Office ... stopping from your work at regular intervals to sing and contemplate ...

This is kind of funny, because you have probably no idea who I am.