the revenge of the wine and cheese kitchen dance party

Hi All.

In an attempt to make being less hard and more beautiful, we are celebrating the Being of Gabe! he is turning 19, so we are going to help educate him in the wonderful world of sacramental living. please bring cheese, wine, and your groove.
starting at 700 pm, the grill will also be on if you come hungry, but I have no veggie burgers unless you warn me. then they will appear. This event also replaces the open house at biss and phil's house, as biss will be studying, and phil will be drinking my scotch and pontificating his wisdom to the masses. (catch it?)

anyways. come and celebrate Gabe;s birthday, bring your friends too. its a small spot, but we need to fill it up with grooving people.

If you are a local, come on over. if you need directions, call me.

1 comment:

churchmouse said...

Yeah, I caught it. [groan]

It's worthy of the subject, at any rate. ;)