Yesterday, I got to visit the monks for an hour. I was on the sunshine coast with sid and some guys for a bachelor party, and we had an hour and a half to wait for the ferry, so I hitch-hiked to the monastery. It is a very close drive, and I got a ride within a minute of getting to the corner. I spent about an hour with them, it is always very encouraging to be with them. we sang, talked about marriage and monasticism, dying to self, it was great. we sang some armeinian melodies, I love singing with them. I also have a picture of their tattoos on my cell phone, but its so small, I am going to wait until I get a better one to post.
the weekend was cool, but tiring. a whole weekend for a bachelor party. goodness.
I am still working on school work. I like being in school, and yet it is still mellow. sort of. I have a paper to present this weekend at TWU at the verge conference, I keep forgetting about it, but its going to be on system of a down and form content contradictions.

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Ed Doerksen said...

your presentation sounds interesting Dave. good luck with it. I wish I was still in school, I miss the discussions and the exchange of meaningful ideas. If I get to BC again Dave, I am going to have to visit the monks with you. I think I would find that interesting. Take care buddy.