eighth day

Went to 8th day books today in wichita Kansas, its amazing. google it, the best orthodox bookstore ever. I bought Christ the Eternal Tao. very excited. and Stacy got my birthday present, and Icon of St.Herman.

we are having a party this afternoon, BBQ Ribs, a smoked turkey, guinness etc. brother Joshua is joining us today.

we go to Denver tomorrow after church. pray for us.
so far, its been pretty sweet. I drove from litte rock to a little ways past tulsa.

I went to Tulsa Oklahoma.weird.


Timmybomb said...

Thanks for blogging and keeping us up to date on your trip. I have nothing clever to say because I have gas.

Stacy said...


biss said...

you're in kansas?

guess that explains why you didn't call me back about a ride to church this evening.

huh. who knew.