DaVinci Madness

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So, here is a good review of the DaVinci Code. It is quite thorough, and written by our own Peter Chattaway! Good Job Peter.


Ed Doerksen said...

I understand the book is well written and is a good fiction book. The author lacks historical understanding as well as tradition etc.

It is interesting that people have jumped on this band wagon, believing that fiction is truth.

I doubt if I'll see the movie or read the book. I have too many books on the go right now as it is.

Take care Dave.

Linty said...

that's my Bro-bro!

Magdalen said...

Actually, I've heard that the book is poorly written and extremely cliche. Today I read a review in The Province (so, not at all a biased christian viewpoint) that condemns the book as being 'trite, badly written crap' and the movie being even worse.
Interesting. I think one of these days I'll probably at least flip through the book, so that I can honestly say that I've read it before I say I have a problem with it. Really though, I think I have little enough spare time as it is to waste any on seeing the movie.

RJ said...

Hope your thesis is going well, dude.