being is beautiful and hard

This post is going to start off about my blog.

I have noticed that I put a bunch of links up lately as posts. someone asked me what I write here, and I don't know what it is, but it seems like its 'the news from lake wobegon' though its not minnesota, not nearly as funny, and less and less protestant as the days go by.

I am getting excited about the trip I am taking this week. goodness, this week. I am finding self-discipline especially lacking in the thesis area, but it will come, Lord willing, when I stop typing this post.

had a good chat with Fr. Lawrence this morning, went climbing a bit with Dan and Mark and Greg, the last of whom is taking the sound system back to vancouver for me, so that is awesome. I have more time to write/read.

okay. time to read. see you at church tomorrow night.

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