bachelor party

click me for a sweet video of the bachelor antics at Zrock's party in the woods near Mt. Baker. some sweet sword fighting a la the black knight, some cool editing by Christo.


Anastasia said...

that video is ridiculous. first of all, the camera angles are completely unnecessary. the car scene made me laugh until i cried and i must say, interesting technique holding the sword in your mouth. especially when you were crawling. that was just out of control.

however, i found the ending unsettling. the question of first-person scruples was never answered. in lieu of the fact that it is inconclusive whether or not he would identify himself or not i give the film 4 stars. i don't like lady or the tiger endings. you know how i get.

pasivirta said...

yeah, it was part of the rules. if you get hit in the arm or leg, you can't use it anymore. nobody got me in the face or head until I was crawling...

I too was not excited about it ending so abruptly. I do think Christo did a good job editing so much footage into such a small video. he captured well the essence of the evening.