Sufjan Stevens is releasing the debris from his illinoise album! SO COOL! its coming in june. and, Rosie Thomas is going to be on it. her voice is beautiful.

I am going to be living in the Ramada for a while, in Langley, so if you want to come and hang out and swim, call me. I have the best job ever. I am going to be working for a week straight, or until I need a break. how cool is that.
I will have to do some homework too, but that might work out.

anyways. I will see you at church at least. call me.


Timmybomb said...

Great news about Sufjan. I like the way you referred to the unused material as 'debris'. Oh, by the way, if you don't add a link to my site, I'm gonna get cranky on your ass. Peace out.

Paul said...

I like to swim. I guess no Guiness this weekend. Or Timmy Ho's. That's okay; great work opp.