Here is my prophetic vision, as I started to tell Fr. Lawrence. (note dry humour)

we will build on the land adjescent to TWU, just off the road leading to 232nd street overpass/onramp.

Things we will build.

A church with cuppolas
a dorm style building to rent to TWU students with a chapel attached.
Living space for families and singles from church
Living space for a group home of developmentally disabled people, adults or youths.
bookstore/coffee shop/pub/cafe to be called The Book and Bottle

The way it will work is that the people who will live there will be taking care of the people who need care in the home, and they will run the book and bottle together, giving life and work experience to the people in the home, and providing a good quality establishment for books and bookish people of all kinds to spend time in.
the reason we will be able to get land cheaply is because it will maintain its ALR (agriculture land reserve) status by having vegetables and small farm animals being cultivated. Sheep and goats will be seperated at night by Qjesse, pigs and chickens will be kept in the windiest spot on the property, and vegetables will be grown near the buildings.

All of these will be a perfect setting for holistic education of a)the students that live in the dorm building and b) those who need care, the clients of the care home. (and we will learn too)

we have started work on a curriculum, which is good. I think we can also start looking into how to plan and zone all of this, and where to get money for it. I have some ideas, and when school is over I am going to go and talk to the owner of the property to see what their plans are for it.

okay. this is a year or two away, but closer than we think.
your duty is to start thinking about how you can be involved. Even if it is just living close to the church, that is a good thing. it will take a long time to adjust your thinking, but really, if Christ isn't calling us to downwarn mobility for the sake of the poor, what is he calling us to? and this is not poverty either, it will be the richest experience! we need families to do this too.


Timmybomb said...

"What is Christ calling me to?" is a fantastic and scary question that perhaps we don't ask ourselves often enough. Good on ya for asking it.

The one question I have about your vision for the Book and Bottle is: what kind of beer will you serve?

Gabe said...

Book and the Bottle!? Couldn't we call it "My Father's Study"?

Graves said...

books, beer, boys, goats. I'm there.

The Pleasant Peasant said...

if there are goats, im there.

Oh, and Dave. . .


rowena said...

Once you have the goats, they'll need to be milked every morning and evening... A heavy responsibility! If you need lessons, I can teach you how to milk the goats :P

Anonymous said...

sounds good Dave, don't forget the health care requirements and regualations, building codes, insurance, hydro, heating, sewage, sorry to put a wrentch into the plan, but better now than once you start to build etc.

The concept is good and it would be great to see. Don't for get opposition might come from TWU if they feel that their dorm occupancy may be challenged as well as other things.

I know this might sound trivial, but I have learned not to trust TWU administrators etc. So don't be too sure that you won't get opposition from them.

If your dream becomes reality, that will be sweet, so sweet for sure. Good luck my friend.

Happy Birthday as well Dave.

pasivirta said...

tim, that is a silly question: good beer.

what that means is we will exclude any beer that is lacking in flavour, except for Pilsner, because we love Sid. He can drink whatever beer he likes, and he likes Pil. good for him. we will drink the british five. (kilkenny, caffreys, tetleys, boddingtons and guinness)
among others.

we don't have to call it the book and bottle, but we are wanting to attract as many customers as possible, and to have a title that might have religious connotations might be bad.

we want to have a fully non determinate form but a fully orthodox content, visible only after time and through relationship.

biss said...

"we want to have a fully non determinate form but a fully orthodox content, visible only after time and through relationship."

Explain this.
Who's we?

pasivirta said...

what I mean is that if we have a bookstore, to call it by a religious name would/might make people not want to come in, so if we name it something that is nondescript or something that is not religious, it could work better.
what I meant was that the form of the store (the name) would be not indicating anything, but the content, both in books, and in people and in the way we run it will be orthodox unapologetically.
though starting a bookstore called 'orthodox phil's' would also be a good idea in langley, and maybe elsewhere too.

the royal we, and remember this is not written down in stone anywhere, its a plan that is malleable and will change shape over time, by questions like this.

sarah g. said...

what is 'downwarn mobility'?

pasivirta said...

downward mobility, kind of like the lay version of a vow of poverty, where you are not trying to get a bigger house, more toys etc etc, but trying to live simply so that you are not a burden on the world by consumption, and so that you have time to spend with loved ones.
thats a bit of what it is.