Is overrated. we went to bed when the sun came up, as we had already been to church that day, celebrating the rising of Christ.

Biss wore her wedding dress to church yesterday, it was so appropriate, I think everyone should wear their wedding dresses to church on Pascha (Easter sunday)

I ate a bratwurst sausage for breakfast. My stomach can't handle too much at once.

My voice is completely used up. no more singing, except, what did we do last night after singing for four hours, went to gregory and rhiannon's house and sightread renaissance music. Byrd and Dowland I think.

Its so beautiful here. I like the light.

Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death, and upon those in the tombs bestowing life.


Mimi said...

Indeed he is Risen!

Sighing, I don't think I could fit one leg in my wedding dress...

Matthew Francis said...

Indeed He is Risen!

JemmGemm said...

it is indeed gorgeous here in the past few days, ... and today as well!!! just came back from a run. felt great!! you should come down here (downtown) sometime :-)

kimberley said...

ah yeah dave! totally!

mira wore a beautiful long white dress of her sisters, this pascha. and i totally thought the same... super fitting for the ocassion.

i might begin a personal tradition with my god daughter to look for the perfect paschal dress, throughout the year. just to build the anticipation even more!

i must say that i was so inspired by the motet women this pascha, with whom i was honoured to spend the weekend, over in Victoria... miss Mira, her mom Valeria, her sister Alina and niece Sophie (who also happened to turn 10 this weekend!--Many years Soph!)

they took the preparation of dressing for pascha so seriously and joyously. i did a nice up-do for sophie and we all put white roses in our hair. mira's mom had a beautiful white hood, and she loaned me Mira's grandma's sparkly white cardigan. it indeed felt like we were all going to the most important wedding of our lives!

i feel like i learned some beautiful new lessons this pascha about orthodox femininity!

Simply Victoria said...

I can't wait to see you in your wedding dress next Pascha Dave! ;)

thomasw said...

just as long as you wear your three thongs and hold a big pipe and some scotch, too! then i am there with you, wearing a manly wedding dress. i think we'll look smashing with our hairy chests and legs:)