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I am so glad to have the practicum supervisor that I have. He is helping me feel excited about school, and he seems to understand that life happens too. A little grace goes a long way. I have gotten incredibly behind in school work, but I am now free to do homework and go to church. My shift is over for the weekend, at least, probably for longer. I need to get back into school, and I can't wait for the weekend.

I have also been thinking about love and relationships. I am about to read Martin Buber's I and Thou (Ich und Du)

One of the main problems I have experienced in relationship, is the way that I enter a situation hoping to gain something. Love, friendship, respect, renown, affection, attention, etc. Whatever it is, however noble the thing is, I still seek to gain it. rather, I have in the past.

I have a great friend (well, I have more than one) but at least one who made a point to show me that she didn't want anything from me other than to share the air. sure, we gave and received at various times, but out of freedom.

I think it would be ideal to express to people that "I don't want you to be anything other or give anything other than you can or are"

Don't fill a role for me, don't look a certain way for me, don't do an activity for me, don't like anything for me. don't do anything for me, do it for you and God.

A recent Ben Harper song puts it well,

"take me as I am, or leave me the way you found me"


In other news, Come to PASCHA! and the vigil. For the schedule, click the link to St. Herman's Blog.



Ed Doerksen said...

work hard for school buddy, it'll pay off in the end. That's great that you got some grace for school.

I like your thoughts on friendship

Well take care. I've been on a bit of a tangent lately and have been a bit negetive of sorts. But some much for politics of sorts.

have a great weekend Dave. take care

gabriel said...

Wish I could come- but I've exams; but you may have my roommate.

RW said...

You can't come. That is unfortunate. We were hoping to meet you. Are you sure? The service doesn't start until 11.30pm - you could get a full day of studying in....


Esul... morning dew said...

DAve, these thoughts on friendship are GREAT! Something I've recently been learning... thanks to my "author friend" Donald Miller... it's weird the kind of learning you get from books that you pick up to read, "just for fun," curious to read about other people's lives. I think it's really difficult to keep the fact that true relationships are not about gaining something for yourself... we are so driven my our own "goals" and plans, that we often forget to just "be" ... like you said.
So, good job on this "epiphany!"

Magdalen said...

I like and agree with your thoughts. Kind of sad that though, that it doesn't go without saying. Really, it ought to be a given that we should not focus solely on gaining something from others, but rather on giving and simply being.
Your tag says it all. Being is beautiful, and hard.