Joyful Day

A beautiful Easter to all who are celebrating the resurrection today, and a joyous feast day to those celebrating palm sunday today. we ate fish and chips, it was great. one day soon I will post a longer, thoughtful post, perhaps reflecting on holy week (which is upon us) or something else. it has been a while since I said "the thing I love most about orthodoxy is..." partially because it is becoming normal life, which is nice. but, one of the things I love most about orthodoxy is that it doesn't matter how I feel about it. whatever it is. I go to church, and do whatever else it is I do, regardless of how I feel about it.

Oh, and last night we watched pirates of the caribbean. good times.


RW said...

Us too, we ate fish and chips and reflected upon the joyful occassion of Palm Sunday all the while knowing that very soon we are on the way to the cross.

It is a very strange day for me. I am filled with anticipation for the week to come and all the little details that make Pascha special. Organizing the Paschal basket; flowers, the lights. I can't wait - and yet I can because I love it all. I love the fact that we get one more Pre-sanctified Liturgy. I love Holy Friday with all the purple and the reciting of Psalm 119. I love the fact that I have taken holidays - and so my days truly become HOLY DAYS.

I am grateful for all these things.

JemmGemm said...

i LOVE that movie! Jonny Depp is just too amazing of an actor. Can't wait for the second and the third one to come out!!

Esul... morning dew said...

Dave, what is Pascha??? It sounds (like food!!!) very interesting. Is it an orthodoxy tradition, or is it something that most denominations recognize and I just haven't heard about it before?

Also, there's a 2nd and 3rd "Pirates of the Carribean" coming out?!?!?!?
Wow!!!That's great! (Being in Korea you get all the "new" movies when they are like 2-3 months old at home, so I have no idea what's good and what's coming out!Boo-urns!

JemmGemm said...
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JemmGemm said...

Yes there are!! The second Pirates should be out by this summer, and the third one is being filmed as we speak. Wanna check out the trailer? http://www.apple.com/trailers/disney/piratesofcaribbe

pasivirta said...

Pascha is our version of Easter, pascha is the greek word for passover ( I think ) and its when we celebrate the resurrection. our calendar is a bet different, but next year its at the same time. its beautiful. if you were to get a squires analysis of the 'worship' at pascha, you would say that it has liturgical drama, dance, visual art, and of course singing, but, it isn't really noticed as all that, we just do the thing that they did before us.

its full of cool amazing beautiful things though, like reading through the book of psalms on Good friday, for the vigil of Christ's death, starting at 11 or 12, we read the psalms all night, then have liturgy in the morning( a church service) and that night we have baptisms (Dan Steenburgh and others this time) then we have another service at 12 midnight, because its the most important feast day of the year, we go until about 2am, then our pascha baskets, full of the things we have fasted from for lent (all animal products, and I will add my pipe and scotch)(we put our favourites, I will put farmer sausage, and butter, and other things dairy, meat, and egg like)
then we stand around talking and eating what we can, or we will go to dennys for bacon and eggs, then home to bed, and up for the afternoon service and BBQ. its great weekend. then we don't fast for like 50 days or so. a long period to celebrate the resurrection.

I haven't explained it in its fullness, but you should come see it next year, you and your sister and sean could all come.

I read your sister's blog, I think she would really dig some of the ways orthodoxy sees salvation, I will try and figure out how to comment on her blog, but I am allergic to MSN products, my mac is not a fan of microsoft. oh well.


Timmybomb said...

I love Easter. I think it is 8000% better than Christmas. I know that's kind of a strange thing to say, but it's true. I like Pirates too.

Magdalen said...

"It's not just a deck and a keel and hull and sails; that's what a ship needs. What a ship is, what the Black Pearl really is, is Freedom"
What Pascha really is, is Joy. Perfect, Eternal Joy. A moment when we are lifted up, when Time is swallowed up by the Kingdom, and we are Home.

Esul... morning dew said...

Dave, that was helpful, and it totally is something that I can just hear Squires analyzing :) It does sound beautiful...being away from any sort of "church-ish/denomination" stuff for , welll, a long time, really makes you crave the more "experienctial" acts of worship. I would love to come check it out...wish I could come this week! Man, work's a drag!

As far as Andrea's site... well, I'll just have her read your thoughts on here and let her comment as me... maybe that would be easier...it's difficult to comment on myspace (at least that's what I've found, but maybe I'm just not cut out for the technology stuff!)