Honda Strikes Again

Coolest Commercial Ever! Click on the link.

Honda strikes again, with great commercial number two. you thought the car choir was good? well, it was, but this is weird. and good. and, it features a great storyteller as the lead singer. just go watch it.

I am on a break till tomorrow morning.

Did I say how much I respect single parents and foster care givers now? well, if I didn't, that was it.
I am weary. looking forward to Holy Week as a relaxing alternative to being an on call single parent to a well meaning but incredibly difficult young person.



cathedral dweller said...

foster parents deserve many praises. it is a great and holy challenge those people take upon themselves when they decide to make a home for those who have no home.

Magdalen said...

Amen, Sister-Friend.
Kudos to you brother. You're doing a worthy work. Hang in there.

gabriel said...

Is that Garrison Keilor?

Timmybomb said...

that's a sweet commercial. i wish more commercials were that well done, because there are some awful ads out there. i hate it when companies have ads that have not been laboured over. ahhhhhhhhhh, i hate ads!!!!!!

by the way, i have no idea what the letters are on the word verification right now. ahhhhhhhh!

pasivirta said...

yes, Garrison Keillor!