Good, long, tiring, full day

I got my belay ticket today! Dan and Brad and I went climbing.

and, during my short break today, I talked with Fr. Lawrence, and it made everything better. I am so glad to know our priests.


Anonymous said...

Always good to be able to talk to someone. Would love to have been climbing with you in BC.

Well another three weeks or so and start living in the park. I can't wait to start clearing out the trailer of mice and stuff and get ready for the invasion of ants.

This year I plan to enclose the deck of my trailer. Wish I could stay there all year around. It sure would be cheaper than living in an apartment.

Anywasy, you takce care Dave.

Magdalen said...

ooh, I want a belay ticket. I had one, once upon a time, but I don't think I remember how to do everthing. How do you tie that knot again? (not to be confused with "tie the knot", of course, which I also don't really know how to do...)
Have fun at your choir rehearsal tonight.