So, I have a friend who mentioned that I don't talk about my family on my blog. Interesting. I think that is true, so here is a bit of a remedy, I suppose.

I have a mom and a dad and a sister, a half a dog, and a plethora of family friends who are a part of my family.

But, my parents, who live in vancouver, for which I will be eternally grateful, are cool.
I didn't always think so, like everyone who grew through being a teenager, I had my moments of not being a fan of them, but I have grown to see the beauty of the way they loved me. especially a few things recently have shown me how blessed I am. that I have parents who loved me consistently as a child in ways that I don't remember, but see the effects of in others when that is not present. I know they loved me well. I was always well cared for, they brought me up in the church, but also with the knowledge that it was up to me to choose it for myself, and I knew that from a young age. I went to church independently when I was sixteen, sometimes for unhealthy motives, but it turned out pretty good.

My parents are the pinnacle of hospitable people. One of their favourite movies is Babette's Feast, where a poor old lady wins the lottery and spends all of it on a meal for her friends. ( I haven't see it yet, shame on me)

They educated me well in music, gave me lessons in violin, let me play trombone in band, and gave me a radio that I listened to until it perished.
they trusted me to be honest. what an amazing responsibility. they sent me to flyfishing camp. bought me the hunter training course for my birthday. let me have a hunting bow when I was young.

they taught me so many things subtly without didactic instructions, mostly because I wouldn't have listened, but they were valuable lessons. I learned so much about teaching from both of them.

yeah, I love my parents, and they are great. I don't talk about them much because I don't see them too much. a couple times a month maybe, at least once a month, we visit there, or they come here.

My sister and I live together, and its great. we have had some arguments, but we are siblings. its so fun. we are both in the living room right now, typing away on our ibooks, doing homework, well, I was, she is.

yes. my family is beautiful. certainly far from perfect, but beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Family ties, very important. Nice to read your post Dave. Won't be long and I'll be at the trailer for the summer months. hope to see you when you return to Ontario for your short visit and defence of your paper. Good luck Dave.

Bethany said...

I like your family, too! You should write an "ode" to your family!! :) 'Need a fixin' of your mom's biscuits! :)

Mimi said...

Great post.

The Pleasant Peasant said...

That's neat - my parents are "Babette's Feast" fans too :P

biss said...

And his dad is funny.
And his mom makes amazing blueberry crisp and looks super cute in pink.
And his sister has this awesome smile.
I like his family.

Simply Victoria said...

I love Babette's Feast.
you should rent it.