I am working with a guy named Brad, some of you will meet him at church tomorrow.

He seems to be enjoying his time, so much so that he has asked a few times if I could take his contract, essentially adopt him.
I am not going to, I am not a foster home, so I can't.
but, even to think about it is quite daunting. I would need to have others around to do it with. I see so much the reason that we are meant to do things in community, whether it is a community called family, through marriage, a community called church through baptism/chrismation, a community of monastics, or committed roommates perhaps. but it would be impossible to do it alone. I wil survive working with Brad for a few days, and I am glad for the work.
But if ever anyone were to do this sort of thing, it would need to be with other people.

(the canucks are going to overtime)

Cable is weird. I am glad I don't have it, I would get sucked in often. Living in a hotel is strange, but kind of fun. I will be so ready for holy week after this week is over.

that debate that we got into was very interesting, I hope Gabriel comes to church sometime, and while I do think that debate is fun, I wonder at its fruit. Will semantics or sophiticated words or logic be effective in loving people? I suppose it can be, but I think that is mostly the case when people already know each other.

we'll see.

Canucks Won!


gabriel said...

On the debate- I think partly, we're called to exhort our fellow brothers & sisters to a deeper and corrected understanding of Christ & His Church in part because we do love them, and desire to know the Truth of the Faith in its entirety. Obviously, this is not always the case. Moreover, even when we speak out of love, we (myself included) don't always speak in love. Indeed, it is an enterprise which is tricky in a number of ways- but I don't think it is one that we can avoid- not only is unity an imperative of the Gospel, but my reading of Jn 17:21 seems to indicate that our efforts towards unity are connected to our witness to those who do not share the Faith.

Don't worry, I'm looking forward to worshipping with you all- and despite my interest in Eastern christianity, it'll be my first exposure to any of the Eastern liturgies.

Blessings, Gabriel

ps. I gather we have a mutual friend. I'll see if I can drag her out with me.

Paul said...

On the fruit: wonder at it no longer. Bananas are it!

I consider the matter decided. Go to sleep.

Magdalen said...

"we're called to exhort our fellow brothers & sisters to a deeper and corrected understanding of Christ & His Church",
Hmm. Well, yes. But perhaps it is better to consider that maybe we are called to ourselves be exhorted by our brothers and sisters, rather than the other way around. Allowing our own understanding to be corrected is harder and more painful, but is perhaps ultimately more important.

pasivirta said...

right, I agree, but if we are to be exhorted by our brothers and sisters, someones got to do the exhorting, right? at some point that falls to each of us, in various turns.

Paul said...

well, you could convince me to consider strawberries, providedthat they are also a fruit.

Simply Victoria said...

all that being said, this medium is not the best for 'exhorting' one another, if any 'exhorting' is to be done, it should be done in person, humbly, lovingly, followed by a warm embrace. try as I might, I have not been able to master the warm-blog-embrace. :P

gabriel said...

I agree on the medium- but no medium is perfect, and all have their particular risks. Knowing the temptations and limitations inherent in the medium is important to overcoming them.

Exhortation is probably the wrong word- I think the debate has been more along the lines of reasoned discussion & argumentation (at least I hope so).

pasivirta said...

I agree Gabriel, it has been good.