I rode Cypress bowl yesterday with Tim. It was so fun, I haven't been boarding in two years, but it came back pretty quick. we flew, and vancouver is SO beautiful. We were up on the panorama and skiing above vancouver is so rad. we saw where the olympic runs are going to be. Its going to be beautiful and so fun when the olympics come to town. traffic is going to suck, but its going to be fun. I wonder if we will be able to camp in the snow up there.
I now have a headache, I had a little coffee, so I will have a bit more during class. I like school, Utah was great. we had a good discussion after I spoke, and it was cool. I also got some good feedback from my thesis supervisor, so that is exciting.
I also saw mag and rowena this afternoon, and Anselm, who is going to be my godson. he is cute and fun. he threw my keys at me and hit my right in the head, pretty hard. very funny, but I was glad it was me and not someone random, that would have been awkward, but I like Anselm. he is as cool as his name.


rowena said...

Studying, my foot ;P

1/153 said...

I used to live in Colorado for many years, but never went snowboarding with my friends there. I wish I would have.
The prayer ropes I make have just gone out locally and in our Church's book store. But I would definately take requests! I don't know about prices. They are really cheap to make.... I'd sell 'em for a song and a dance!
God bless.

Magdalen said...

Yup, our godson is pretty cool. How nifty is it that we get to be his godparents? I love that kid. Thanks Rowena!
See you tonight, brother.

Cindy said...

This is totally off topic, but I was just reading your other blog where you are talking about building an Orthodox community up there. I think it's a great idea and there are many such communities like that, just not Orthodox. (for instance, the Hare Krishnas) Anyway, it just made me think about when I met a Benedictine nun while I was staying at the Prokovsky's in Massachusetts. She was part of the Community of Jesus located on the cape. It was started in the 60s and has grown fairly large. (you can read about them online) Of course, their theology isn't the same as ours, but the framwork for their community seems to be what you had in mind. We have a kindof commune going on here at St. Tikhon's with the seminarians and their families. Unfortunately, the houses they rent are all privately owned. We're hoping that one day the church will build married student housing on the monastery grounds (there is already single student housing here). We recently opened up a large bookstore and there is space for a cafe but that hasn't been developed (yet). The only drawback is that due to the transient nature of this place, most don't get a sense of ownership that one would in a permanent community. But, I still hope for something like what you are talking about.