seriously. why/how would/could anyone not pray everyday. I mean, honestly some days I don't feel like I mean the words, but I still do.and praying with others? amazing. thursday night prayer at the open house is always beautiful to be present for.
and goodness. as if the prayer that I wanted answered was "...grant me to see my own sin..." right.
well. I know its a good thing. but boy does it not feel so hot.


The Pleasant Peasant said...

i honestly think that prayer is the one thing that kept me going on the mexico trip. we prayed in some pretty unique places: the kids' room on the train, the beach in San Diego,the Project Mexico office in Chula Vista, and in Espanol in the orphanage chapel. no matter how we felt, we always did our prayers. when i was finally back at ubc i felt like i had been put back down on the ground, as if i had been somehow carried for the past ten days. i didnt always "feel" the prayers, but they really helped me through those days.

heather said...

When I was younger I used to think that prayer didn't count unless I FELT what I was saying. I've since learned just what you wrote about - that sometimes the most important prayers are prayed out of emotion that makes you not want to pray at all.

The Pleasant Peasant said...

hey dave, what would be your take on having a non-orthodox person in the orthomansion (specifically, my older brother)? i haven't asked him, but my mom suggested it, so i said i'd inquire amongst the other orthodorks. thoughts?

pasivirta said...

lets talk about it. It could work, depending on where we live, how we live etc. Its possible, I live with my sister right now, who I love, who is not orthodox, and its great, but its also clear that we think very differently. creates tension sometimes.

1/153 said...

I am finding that this Lent it is harder for me to pray. Lot's of mental distortion... more than usual. I try to pray everyday, but sometimes I feel like this; "But filled with darkness and a blank despair, they offered to God nothing but a speechless soul and a voiceless mind." Just read that today in St. John's Ladder, in the chapter on Repentance.

Pray for me! Peace.


Magdalen said...

sounds like your lent is going the same way mine is.
hang in there brother. and keep me in your prayers, while you're praying, will you?
cheers. see you tomorrow.