yes I know its spelled wrong.

I went to heirarchical liturgy today with Bishop Joseph, it was cool. what is also cool is that my priest, who is OCA, encouraged me to go. I love Fr. Lawrence, what a great man.

Oh, and any pictures you see of the liturgy of the feast of the annunciation w/the bishop on the antiochian website were taken by me. how cool is that?
I was blessed to take pics in the altar, and that freaked me out completely. I was standing in there while they were all outside. I was the only one in there. FREAKED OUT.

I think I begin to understand the fear of God. I was not afraid, but keenly aware of God, ergo my unworthiness.


Magdalen said...

I still don't quite get why "pineabble" is the subject for this post, but okay. :)
I think it was Fr John who was relating how, when he was ordained to the deaconate, and the priests took him through the Royal Doors, he was completely freaked out, feeling like he ought to be smited or something, (or, is it "smote"?) When I was at All Saints, Father asked me to get something from the altar, and I was like... "but, but... I can't! Um, Mark, you're a server, you do it!" Too weird.
See you later this week brother. How's the paper going?

elizabeth said...

yeah; understandable feeling; my preist will not even let people take pictures if it means standing inside the altar; other priests i have had (since i have moved for work/school a few too many times now) have been more easy going; either way, the Altar area is very reassuring to me -- a sense in one way of home, in other way, of something very seperate, holy...

sarah g. said...

i'm so glad you came too!
it was such a wonderful time! thank God!
ps: look at me...i'm blogging!

Matthew Francis said...

Hey there Dave. So good to meet you (again) on Friday night at UBC.

I totally know what you mean. The first time I had to go into the altar I thought I might drop dead. But I didn't.

Speaking of "fear and trembling" have you read Kierkegaard's book by that name? So good... it's about Abraham's would-be sacrifice of Isaac.

Oh... hey Sarah G!

Timmybomb said...

Good thing we have the cross. Without it, you might have dropped dead. Didn't they use to tie a rope to the priest in the old testament, so that if he did drop dead (due to impurity I guess) they could drag him out of the Holy of Holies without risking their own ass?

pasivirta said...

yeah. he went once a year and wore a bell. they were so freaked out that he might die cause they understood what it meant to be in God's presence. they had seen people die for less.