marriage and monasticism


So, we have established a few things.
marriage and monasticism, basically the same thing.
free will, a blessing from God not to be shirked.

I don't know that monasticism is so differently requiring a particular call compared to marriage. I think if we have free will, then we could choose monasticism or marriage because both are intentional ways of moving towards God. I like what the ottowanian said, how it is not holiness for our sake, but so that we are closer to and more like God.

that said, I think what the wildemans have mentioned is good, suggestions or something like that. other people might see potential that we are not aware of.

I don't think strictly arranged marriages would e a good thing.


Anonymous said...

Dave you really know how to get a discussion going - you always did.

I've started a responce twice now, and each time I have errased what I have thought. I guess its something for my blog to post in.

We'll see I guess.

Great topic though Dave and excellent reponses.

Cindy said...

Good conclusion/summary of all the comments. To further the discussion, I've personally been wondering how one finds a balance between taking your own initiative to "find someone" and just sitting back, doing nothing, and hope that God gives you a "sign" that you are supposed to be with someone. I'm afraid not everyone is englightened by a dream as to who we should be with. It seems as though every time I take the initiative to meet someone, it blows up in my face! So, then scathed by the whole thing, I end up going in the opposite extreme, vowing never to pursue another relationship. *sigh* So, there's my predicatment.

pasivirta said...

yeah, it seems a few people end up jaded like that, which I think is why discussions like this happen. we look for alternative methods when we realize that our own are not workin out so well. what then are the alternatives?
I was talking with a good friend last night and mentioned how this was all a part of processing it all verbally to understand where I am at with it, and I think that is the point, to change my mind about how I have gone about this in the past because maybe the same methods with a different mind, a mind that sees through my own selfish desires to things like patience, peace, joy and agape rather than eros, because while not wanting to compartmentalize anything, if we let ourselves be wooed by the overwhelming emotive nature of eros, we might miss the most important thing, and that is what churchmouse was saying, that we are to manifest God's love in relationships of all kinds. So, I think that everyone should just forget about 'looking', get on with living life, and one day find yourself looking at an old friend who somehow looks different today. sure, that is still a bit of a romantic notion, but then the relationship is based on a connection that is old and stable and based on something not romantic.

heather said...

i hear you Cindy. I've often wondered about that myself. I've never pursued a relationship but I've had friends who have so desperately wanted a relationship and marriage that they've gone the internet, match-making route and I've always felt sort've uneasy about that. I guess I feel like it reduces the search for a mate to something as business-like as looking for a job and I feel like marriage should be different. I decided a long time ago that my pursuit would be single-mindedly of Jesus, only. Don't get me wrong, I often fail and veer off of my path of pursuit but, still, he is my aim and my goal and thankfully he is forgiving. If marriage is, as we have called it a blessing, are blessings really to be pursued or are they gifts that are generously given by a loving Father?

Cindy said...

It's funny, just up until a couple weeks before Lent started, I was so wonderfully content living my *single* life in Christ, happy with my job, and the friends and family that surround me. But, somehow, inexorable feelings of lonliness started to penetrate my spotless mind and I can feel myself spiraling into that oh so familiar state of despondency. As an Orthodox Christian, I know that this is only a temptation, to take my focus off what is important here and that despondency is a mask for pride and ingratitude. So, I just have to fight that demon with the tools that the Church has equipped me with. Yikes, this is sounding too much like a posting appropriate for my own blog (which I haven't really even started yet, nor do I have the desire to). Sorry! Don't mean to mentally dump on you guys. Cheerio!

pasivirta said...

well, lent does have effects like bringing it all to the surface so we can get rid of it, or pray about it...