got to ride my bicycle!

I got to ride my bike...

It was rad. Gregory and I attacked golden ears and made some good distance. I am overtired, and ready for church, since I have conquered my appetites apparently. yup. I have arrived at holiness. congratulate me at church, then kick me in the shins. (in love of course)

riding was great. the weather is nice. I just had a bath and a nap. I finished an essay, have a few small ones to do, and I will be done school for the term. well, my class anyways. I can't wait till its all over. I always get into too many things. I almost wish I wasn't singing the requiem so I could just go and watch it. come to the requiem.

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Timmybomb said...

i won't be at church tonight to kick you in the shins. can i take a rain check?