had a good weekend with some friends from church, fixing up the summer camp when I should have been doing homework.
I love school, but its hard to be motivated being so far away from everyone.
I also loved the physical labour that I have not had the chance to do lately, it was great.
My sister has a job at cobs bread, so we get great bread for free, how cool is that. (very)
and now we are into cheesefare week. its so close...I can feel it coming.

life really is beautiful. I am so content, even though I am stressed a bit about school, its okay. it will all work out. but life is so rich.
Matt and Hilary beukema visited last night, and that was great. so good to see them. they bought a house and five acres of land in smithers. and I heard a bit about Roxi, which was good, I hadn't heard about her in a long time. she is working still of course, bought a place in PG, and apparently is moving on.

anyways. pray for Matt and Hilary as they travel. they were down here adopting race horses that are not good enough to be race horses. how cool is that?


Marco said...


Ed Doerksen said...

love horses, they are so cool. wish I could ride

heather said...

oh wow - I haven't seen matty in ages! Very cool that they're adopting horses! I'm jealous.

Magdalen said...

hey there you. just dropping in to say hi. Hi!
You coming to choir practice tonight? If so, see you then. cheers!

myn said...

cobs bread is SO good!!! SO GOOD!!! i don't let myself go in there anymore cause i can eat pretty much everything in one sitting. i love bread...so i don't eat it. maybe i should try that rule with chocolate.