tagged and tagged again,

okay. Stacy got me first, and then Avery, so here we go.

4 jobs.

1. counsellor at a weight loss camp for kids (they called it a fat camp)
2. tree planter (three seasons)
3. Teaching Assistant (Laurentian University)
4. Foster Care worker

and I was hired to be a reporter/photographer/writer at a newspaper in northern BC, but never went.

4 Movies

1.A River Runs Through It
2. Fight Club
3. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
4. Wit

4 Places I've lived

1. Vangroovy
2. My Tent (while planting in Smithers BC)
3. Massachusetts for two summers
4. Sudbury (siberia) Ontario

4 Albums. this is hard

1. Dave Matthews Band. Crash
2. Sufjan Stevens Illinois
3. Thomas Luis de Victoria, Requiem 1605 by Gabrieli Consort
4. Jurassic 5 (the first one)

4. Fiction writers

1. Gary Paulsen
2. Dostoevsky
3. Churck Pahlaniuk (Fight Club)
4. Craig Lesley

4 Non Fiction writers
1. Fr. John Neuhaus
2. Fr. Schmemann
3. David Hart
4. Dallas Willard

4 Vacations/Travels

1. Montana (hiking, flyfishing, bareback horseriding, shooting, motorcycles, driving cars at age 14, tractors, working with real cowboys...pretty much its heaven)
2. Galiano Island
3. Motorcycle back from Ontario
4. California w/Tim in High School

4. sites (other than the obvious ones)


5. beverages

1. Glenmorangie
2. Glen/fiddich/livet
3. Kilkenny
4. Shaftebury
5. Slurpee

people to do this.

Pat L.


cathedral dweller said...

what's the deal with the centred text in your blog? doing a bit of a redesign? you know ... something like Risen Magazine?

heather said...

Hey Dave! I love that you entered Wit as one of your favourites. It's one of mine too. The first time I was introduced to it was on stage at the Queen E in Van during my second year at Trinity but it had such a profound impact on me that I never really forgot about it. Then, when I stumbled upon the screen version with Emma Thompson (also a favourite), I was hooked. Now, I own it and love it.

Oh and I do plan on sending an e-mail back to you soon. I don't have very regular e-mail access but I'll get it done soon. Great to hear from you! :)

Matthew Francis said...

I can't believe I forgot "A River Runs Through It." Yes, that's definitely one of my favourites too. I love it how he talks about feeling home when he hears his father's sermons in their little Montana Presbyterian Church. I also like the Methodist jokes.

RW said...


I absolutely love this film with Emma T.

A River Runs Through It is also a favourite of the Wildeman household.

Ed Doerksen said...

Dave: thanks for your kind words in my blog. I hope to see you this summer as you pass through. This time I'll be at my trailer all summer and of course you'll have a place to crash and rest no matter when you appear.

if you wish to phone me ahead of time, my cell phone while at the park is 420-7780.

Once May 1st arrives, I'll be living in the park. I love it there. so quiet, peaceful, and you never know when a deer, racoon, cyote, wolf, fox, or variety of birds including eagles will appear.

Love the camp fires and the just relaxing times out there. Lifeguarding is such a difficult job to have along with running the pool.

Anyways I'll see you this summer. We'll throw back a few beers, bar-b-que some steaks, throw a salad around and enjoy the time.

Take care Dave, and thanks for your comments.