Journal excerpt

No, not MY journal, my journal for a class. I had an awesome meeting today, here are some of the results of it.

What makes something music is its relationality. If one note could be music, two notes are more likely to be music because they are sounded in relation to one another. Either, they are the same as each other, or different. And, this sameness or difference happens on myriad levels. Tone, pitch, timbre, length, tempo, accent, phrase, not to even begin to talk about the meaning behind words. Goodness. This is what I needed to hear in order to do well in music theory, I now understand that music’s meaning is encoded in its relationality, or its nature. By its essence, it reminds us of healthy relating, stressful or tense relating, groups, individuals, wars, peace, love, joy, sadness, because all of these things are a result of being relational beings, being made in the image of God, who also is a relational being.
It was interesting too, we talked about Quantum physics, which we had just talked about the night previous at Biss and Phil’s, and we talked about a need for a unified theory, and now I think about Orthodoxy as a unified theory that explains all aspects of life in a satisfactory way, once the worldview is understood.
The relational essence of music is going to save my soul. For it implies the necessary existence of the soul, which can’t be a Darwinian thing, not a survival of the fittest, because you could survive fine without a soul, even without intelligence. I think.
Talking about Quantum physics, he said that the scientists/researchers are now thinking that they will find a theory that is beautiful and that is how they will know that it is right. Aesthetic criteria for science. The theory of relativity has balance and simplicity to it, so the next formulae will also be short and sweet. Beauty is dependant on mathematical relationships that are found in nature, being made manifest on instruments and between the voice. A piano can’t be as well tuned as an orchestra or a choir, and probably only a choir has the potential that it does, to sing in a present-at-hand way that allows for subconscious concurrent singing and listening and experiencing the overtones from perfectly tuned chords, which are possible to measure and produce because they are the result of physical properties being used rightly.


rowena said...

It was nice to see an orthodox name on my blog site! I'm responding here so that you'll read it. I just restarted going to Saint Herman's- I originally began attending in 1993. I don't drive and I live in North Van so commuting's always a challenge. For now, I've got a ride but my ride is moving away from the area soon so I'll have to start driving (or flying?) I need to spend more time reading info on your blog if I'm going to make a half intelligent remark:)

Magdalen said...

Hi Rowena! Wow, was it really '93? Weeiird... Time flies, hey?
Hey Dave. Just dropping a line since I haven't seen much of you the last few weeks. That flu finally hit me, in a very unpleasant way. I hope you're feeling better now though. Stay well, bro. Cheers.