I am sick. blahhhhhh. sniff. *honk* (nose blow)
I love life, and church, despite being sick. its all so rich. even being sick makes it good. variety and honesty. forced naps. there are worse things in life than having to go and buy juice and bratwurst.


Ed Doerksen said...

juice and bratwurst, now that's being almost German. Beer and Bratwurst, now that's German and that's putting on the weight.

Read your posts Dave. I always enjoy what you've posted.

Take care.

Stacy said...

That's what you eat when you're sick??? Well, that'll put hair on your chest, I guess. YUCK!

Get well soon! (Maybe when you're better your taste will return.)

Magdalen said...

I was going to send you a text saying "Thanks again for the offer today. Hope you're feeling better", but then I realised I don't have your newest cell phone number. ah well. Thanks again for the offer today, and I hope you're feeling better!!
And now you can enjoy your comfort food, and allow yourself a naughty grin at knowing that your post prompted many to use the word 'bratwurst'. ;)

cathedral dweller said...

Dave - if you were drinking YERBA MATE instead of coffee, none of this cold or flu stuff would have happened.

Matthew Francis said...

Did you make it out to hear Bishop Soterios?

pasivirta said...

nope. I totally forgot. I was busy doing homework etc.