I am home, it was nice to be at church for five minutes, too bad Abner, to guy I work with, was bent on blowing out the candles.

looks like this weekend is going to be busy, a fun trip to the island to paint the camp for next summer. SWEET!

and I am eating a pork roast for dinner tonight. so excited.

and in the midst of a good book on prayer, metropolitan Anthony is great. although its funny, it was a gift from a few degrees of separation, and the thought was that it would be good to struggle through a book that is simple, or something like that, and boy, either they overestimated my intellect, or missed that it is not necessarily an intellectual endeavour, or something, because while not an intensely wordy book, I didn't feel it was easy. maybe I misunderstood. that happens a lot. sometimes it is a pain to be studying interpretation.

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Magdalen said...

Hope you have fun at the camp-painting. Say hi to everyone. My weekend's crazy busy, with a seminar for work, and my Godsister visiting (Arwen says hi everyone!) but I'm with you all in spirit.