anyone have any thoughts on the impending pandemic? It seems to be starting to affect the EU, the first case being reported in france.
what does this mean for us? I haven't really heard much talk amongst anyone I know. thoughts?


cathedral dweller said...

so far, there is no human pandemic. it has affected birds and now supposedly a cat. perhaps other creatures will also begin contracting it.

i think it's a big media circus and a whole lot of fear mongering. there are far worse things happening in the world right now that get much less attention. but this h5n1 situation gets play in the west because we're all becoming hypochondriacs and we are also becoming generally afraid of the unknown.

h5n1 is something to watch but is it really as important as the real and impending possibility of the starvation of millions of Ethiopians or, on our own western soil, our lack of understanding of Islamic cultures and possibility of cultural and/or religious war?

just a few thoughts.

Ed Doerksen said...

I agree with Cathedral Dweller. This whole thing is becoming way out of hand. The World Health Organization and the Media are playing on the fears of people and for what.

If you look at those who have died it has become known that they were not healthy persons. They were either sick with some other infection, very old, or too young to build a sufficient immunities in their systems.

The first victim in the west to die, will send shock waves through out the country, a run on drug stores and doctors for what ever pill, flue shot, or what ever.

I know I sound like a conspiracy theorist, but pharmacy companies are in the market to make money and they need a new scare to earn more money. As long as they can earn a buck, they will fuel what ever fears they can.

Why haven't these multi-national, multi-million dollar companies come to the aid of Africa to fight AIDS and HIV? They said it themselves - there is no dollar value in it for them. Either buy it at the price or go without.

There are only three to four major pharmacutical companies and they control reserch, production, costs, and distribution.

That is why I say there will never be a cure for any kind of cancer, AIDS, HIV, or even H5N1. To find a cure would put a billion dollar industry out of work. So there will never be cures, there will only be near cures to keep the money flowing.

I know, it sounds really bad, but with todays technology there are very little excuses as to why there isn't a cure. They know how cancer etc. works. They know how they develop, and they know how to destroy it. End of story.

I'm so bad, I know.

myn said...

Dave this is totally unrelated but i just saw your comment on my posting about going hiking. i have no idea when you left it but i am totally in!!!! i really want to go. let's talk this weekend.

Stacy said...

Here is my thought on the pandemic:

I sure hope I don't get it.

Boy... am I egocentric or what!

rowena said...

I'm totally in on the conspiracy theory. I think drug sales started to drop so the WHO decided they had to do sonething. What's better for drug sales than a 'pandemic' threat?

Tillerman said...

I don't think there's going to be a pandemic. The British government had some great advice on not getting infected - Don't eat bird poo

Anastasia said...

did you know that the 1918 influenza epidemic killed more people than any other epidemic in the history of the world? most people think that it was the black plague that killed the most, but it wasn't. the black plague just killed a larger percentage of the population. but as far as numbers are concerned, the flu technically killed more people.

just wanted to throw that out there. we're probably all going to die.

p.s. speaking of pharmaceutical companies, i just watched "the constant gardener" again. so good.

Robyn said...

I found the american idol for you!

biss said...

What about the killer mosquitos?