I am currently in Memphis, hangin with Stacy, its good times. we went to the tobacco shop, and its so cheap, so I bought a whole pile of nice tobacco, and a new pipe. sweet.

and we wandered around downtown, I met Elvis's tailor, and saw not one, but two guitars autographed by the Dave Matthews Band, one by June Carter and Johnny Cash, saw the peabody ducks, and their duckmaster.

I also went to the Gibson guitar factory and played guitars while Stacy got in trouble
with the security guard, who she then made friends with.

its crazy windy outside, which is cool. anyways, sonnetjoy, its not bad, though I suppose it could be depending on what you are doing here...

so far its a good place to be.


Anonymous said...

good to take a break Dave. I hope you're having a good time, wait, I know you're having a good time.

I can't wait until the summer arrives. It is going to be so awesome agian this year.

Take care Dave and say hi to everyone for me. Thanks.

Magdalen said...

hello you. How are you doing over there? We missed ya in choir yesterday.
Well, I hope you're having fun in the Land of the Delta Blues. see you soon.

Paul said...

Why aren't you posting all about your trip?! When are you coming back?