one of the things that I love about orthodoxy (here we go again) and I know I have said this before, but I like processing stuff 'out loud' so...bear with me, and learn with me, or something.

Being at school has helped me appreciate the nature of the empirical worldview and its presuppositions involving science, and how that often gets assumed onto humanities subjects, not least of which is theology.

Often, we find ourselves, or I find myself, writing and needing to prove my points as if I am writing a scientific paper. I am not bound by the need to prove anything that has to do with God.

Proof is a moot point. knowledge and faith are not separate.
I have relational knowledge of God, and that is not something I could ever hope to explain with words to someone who does not share this relational knowledge. It is not complete, comprehensive or anything like that, but it is, like a relationship, growing.

I live each day with and for God, but I can only do that because I do it. It is not something that I could look at and weigh the options from the outside, well, I guess that is not so true. I could look at it and investigate it and see that it seems good. yes, I think I am wrong about what I said earlier, that being on the outside is detrimental to judgment, but it is akin to asking the question:

what is it like to relate to sally? a person may describe sally, but in order to really understand what it is like, a person will have to do it themselves. and in reality, there will be a different experience for each, as we are all different souls.

in any case. we are about to watch BLANC, the second in the three color trilogy.


Simply Victoria said...

i've been tempted to rent that trilogy...is it good so far?

thomasw said...

it is very good, vic.

david: i have trouble understanding your explanation of 'relational knowledge' with regard to God. i think it is because of the poverty of my understanding about such matters, personal relations per se. :)

pasivirta said...

yes, white is great.

Thomas, I am positing relational knowledge against rational or logical knowledge, we can say 2+2=4 because it is logical, we know that it is true. but the truth of God is revealed to us slowly over time through our relationship with and to the church which is Christ made manifest here on earth. we can't logically argue that we are in relationship with God, but we are. we have relational knowledge of God through Christ through the church (and other things...) but we can't argue about it from a standpoint of logic, but of relationship.

I think. I also know I am young and have much to learn.