Cars and Lent

I was hit by a car on sunday night, but I am fine. I was crossing at a crosswalk with Phil, and the lady didn't see us. she barely clipped me so I am fine.
I have too much work to do, but thats okay. I am enjoying it mostly.Its nice to wake up to sun. really nice. I hate caffiene still, I think yerba mate might be a better option, Graham said it was healthier and still gives a kick.
I still love sufjan steven's music, and I am also enjoying the new song from system of a down, Hypnotize.
only a few more weeks til lent, I am SO excited for lent. I can't wait. yesterday fasting was so hard, it made me realize that lent is going to turn me into a bowl of jelly.


The Pleasant Peasant said...

Try Matcha Tea - Sarah and I stayed up late studying last night, fueled only by the power of Matcha (and quickly approaching deadlines). But seriously, the stuff works and it looks cool, all green and...green.

MommaKim said...

Thank God you are unhurt and untraumatised (said the paramedic)
Matcha tea is a great suggestion. Full of antioxidants and other healthy things. I just had a matcha tea latte the other day....yummy and I did feel a buzz quite unlike the one I get from caffeine; less shaky more energy

Gabe said...

Lent is going to be amazing! I am really excited about it.

Anastasia said...

Fortunately jelly is Lenten.

1/153 said...

Thanks God you didn't get hurt!

"I hate caffine". No comprendo. What language are you speaking here because I just can't understand! I think caffine has replaced my blood! I live on coffee and taco bell bean burritos (no cheese on fast days!).

PEace, and God bless. Look both ways...etc.


cathedral dweller said...

Dave. Sorry to say, but compared to yerba mate, matcha is wimpy.

once you start drinking out of a cow horn full of south american tea through a metal straw with a seive on the end, there's no turning back. it's SO good. it feels manly. it tastes yummy. and you can always flavour it with a little tiny slice of lemon. go with yerba mate. full of antioxidants. gives you a kick but doesn't seem to have the same jittery effect that coffee has.

and it's cheap. you can buy it from superstore or if you want selection, you can buy it from Funks Food in Abbotsford.

RW said...

I am glad you are OK. Thank God.

I read on Hannah's blog you used to vacation in Oliver? I grew up in Oliver. My folks still live there. We go there in the summer. I would love to see an Orthodox church in the Okanagan. Peachland is another favourite place for the Wildeman four.

What are these teas of which people speak?

I can hardly wait for Lent too.


Matthew Francis said...
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Matthew Francis said...

Glad you're okay! I got clipped by a car on my 17th birthday and I've always remembered it. More wierd than anything.

Funny story about matcha. Krista and I tried the "Matcha Monsoon" at a Booster Juice down in Calgary. This is a smoothy made with matcha and frozen yogurt, and it was very delicious. We loved it. Actually it was Krista's and I sneakily drank about half of it. So after that, we wanted more matcha. So we went to a Booster Juice here and ordered one for each of us, and I noticed it was WAY more green than down in Calgary. And when we tried it, it was about six or seven times as potent - like, deadly, wicked bitter. And they insisted that was the proper recipe and the Calgary people must have messed it up making it so weak. But we liked it weak! So, if you go for a matcha monsoon - ask for only one scoop of matcha.