1 casino
1 free scotch
1 or 2 clove cigarettes
- 9 dollars
2 fried green tomatoes (good)
1 plate of poutine (good)
4 cups of skeezy diner coffee
3 good shirts for cheap
1 cool pair of pants
1 cooler pair of shoes (Tessa, you will be proud)
1 awesome brown tie (brown like the DMB shirt)
a few fellow soviet canuckistanians

I was sitting at a table playing poker and a guy comes up to me and says he knows me from vancouver, it was the weirdest thing. told me I should smoke a pipe, and then it dawned on me that Stacy had talked about me and he was kidding around. He was an older guy, retired, but it was weird, I immediately reached for my wallet to make sure it was still there. yup. anyways. we didn't stick around very long. the once a year, ten dollar casino trip.

I am going to have such a detoxifying first week of lent. the unholy trinity of caffiene, nicotine and alcohol will be purged from my body, and I am sure my body won't like that. still, its quirky and fun to talk about the unholy trinity.

Lent. its like I want to go to boot camp or something. its almost here, I can't wait.
I won't have to wait long.


Magdalen said...

Soon and very soon we are going to see the King. :)
Ha, Casinos are fun. I went to Casino Niagra with my grandma when I was in Toronto. I even won $5! We only played on the 1cent machines, mind. Lots of blinking lights and flashing colours.
Call me when you get in, kay? I've something I want to talk to you about. Till then, stay well. See you soon.

avery said...

i being 13 have never been to a casino, and dont particularily want to. i like orange juice better than beer, and strangers talking to you freaks me out. giggles