well well well...the eleventy first day of rain in a row, there is a man walking on the roof of our apartment building, its nice to live in the top floor, it doesn't happen often. I awoke to the sweet soft sounds of a chainsaw, lightly ravaging a tree nearby. good morning.

Lesya came over for dinner the other day, and it would have been good, except that I ruined the tom kha soup by putting in sliced lime instead of lime leaves. how lame. it tasted SO aweful. but the salad was good. we had a good talk, its been so long since we were able to hang out, it was good.
I worked two shifts this week, one night I was paid to go to church while waiting to drive a young man who had been in trouble from one city to another, it made me want to open up a group home. being able to teach kids subversively the good of things like trust and honesty, and exposing them to orthodoxy even, but always allowing for freedom. anyways, it seems like the places they put these young people, halfway houses, are not always the most caring places.

hung out with Brook Jones, an old friend, my replacement in some contexts, and that was good too.
then I was surprised by an apology from a friend. very surprised and very moved. I love the family of God.
I was at the UBC library, it was so big, so many books, so wonderful. however, I found that the librarians at TWU don't really have great training. they aren't bad people, they are very nice, but not very well educated as far as research goes, one or two of them maybe, but other than that, I found the UBC librarians to be much more on the ball, I assume they all have MLS degrees, and of course its because TWU doesn't have any money, but we should then be small enough that things can be done well. we. as if I am that much attached to TWU that I say we.

today, a list of things to do, people to call for the Mozart Requiem, if anyone out there wants a group rate for the mozart requiem on good friday (western) in vancouver, its going to be a great show, I can get you group rates. Vancouver Chamber Choir featuring the TWU masterworks choir.

currently drinking: soymilk. yesterday was filled with black beers, guinness and oatmeal stout.


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Magdalen said...

So, are you feeling a little less overwhelmed now?
Anyhoo, thanks a lot for the favour, I appreciate it a lot.
Hope you're doing well, bro. See you in February.