Thank you for trusting me and believing me so that I can so gleefully enjoy the responses from at least a few of you. they were rather amusing, ice skating with Satan, very clever, as long as it is not on the rideau canal, otherwise your Dad might have to break out the fatherly shotgun...anyways.

In other news, I still hate caffiene, It seems to speed up the need for holiness, which is still slower in coming than necessary. well, that is how it goes though eh?

today I will get the confirmation that I am being hired to teach gr. 9 students a Christian Perspectives class, a cleverly titled bible class, which is SO cool! I am so excited about that, It might even be a door to a slightly more permanent job, which I don't totally want, but I will take what I can get. I love teaching, and I love Christian worldview, so this will do just fine. If I ever get to teach at a higher level, that will be fine too. Glory to God for all things.

yes, coffee tastes good, and granted, I got a lot done, but if I ever talk to anyone in the midst of my coffee consuming/affecting 8 or so hours, I am in danger of losing friends, unless I learn to leash my tongue...which we all know is not so easily done.

I did read a lot of cool stuff about the transition from Jewish to Christian liturgical practice.

Today I am going to vancouver probably,I need to work on my practicum, and the vancouver chamber choir, with whom I am working, is having a conducting symposium. I will go and listen and interpret while the conductors ask questions about interpretation. sweet.

In other news, seraphim found the place we should all live in in vancouver.big and cheap apparently, and for sale too!

Yes, Fr. John was a beautiful mentor type to all he came in contact with. I think I am going to the skete next week. monday-ish. that will be cool, I will learn more about the joy of repose, which confuses me, cause I know its good, but it still hurts. bright sadness.


Magdalen said...

rideau canal? Don't get the reference, sorry. But Dad, with the fatherly shotgun. Ha. What do you mean "break out" the shotgun? Like he doesn't have it out already. haha ;)
The job opportunity sounds really cool, Dave, good luck with that. Oh gee, they're sticking you in a room with a bunch of impressionable youth? What are they thinking?? Ah well, who am I to talk:
"So Luke, Eli, go cause some mischief! What, manning the punch stand is your idea of 'mischief'? Did you at least spike the punch?"

*grin* It finally snowed here!!

cathedral dweller said...

If you head up to the monastery, ask Fr. Gregory for fun Fr. John stories. I'd love to hear some.

Little by little I've been learning more and more about Fr. John and the history of this parish. It sounds like Papa John was not always this way.

Some have said that since Suzanne's illness and repose he has become more peaceful, more himself. He suffered a lot, and through it, God sanctified him. He became a holy man.

Anyhow, good to hear things are going well in Vancouver.

Gabe said...

Big and cheap AND for sale?! I'm in! Don't leave me out here!

RW said...

So, now I am confused! Are you saying that you are now OFF coffee. Well good for you! As my dear friend Anna's grandfather would say.

I am enjoying hearing about Fr. John. I fondly remember Dn Gregory when he was out here.

I hope you had a lovely day in the city.