well. this is it. I have nearly fallen asleep one too many times, and I know I don't want to do this, but I know it is meet and right. Good for me. well, not always, and some days it might cause difficulty for the people I know, but its time. I have to begin somewhere. I am starting a new relationship. I know I need it, because without it, I can't do what I need to do. It will will help me be who I need to be, I can become more in tune with the world in general, more awake to what is going on around me. I will be able to be less distracted in church, more focused on reading, able to get more out of life.
Relationships are always difficult, hard to know what they are like from the outside, I look forward to this, and I assume certain things, have general expectations, but I also know that I can't know what its like for real until I get there. I look to you, my wise friends for guidance, wise counsel and patience.
Much to my chagrin, and against my better judgment, I am going to start drinking coffee.
(lets see how long this lasts)
In other news, I interviewed for a job at a Christian school, teaching Christian perspectives to a grade nine class. how cool is that? In coquitlam, I might be a teacher tomorrow! starting in february. So, of course I need to become a coffee drinker. dang. I hate caffiene, hate it. well. here goes nothing.


biss said...

Oh gosh.
You had me heart beating wildly there. I was about to panick and burst into tears.
Coffee. Okay. Whew.
That was completely cruel,Dave, and you know it.

Coffee. I am so jealous.

RW said...

I can tell you about coffee. Just talk to me and KimRB about coffee. I love coffee. Ask anyone.

RW said...

On another note: let us know how the interview went.

How cool would that be? What exactly would you be teaching? Did you mention grade 9's?

Magdalen said...

Oh, dear.
My first thought: You're kidding. This intelligent, sensitive person, is beginning a reslationship for this reason? No word about 'I met someone, she's great.'? Simply for his own ends, so that he an 'concentrate'? Huh. Guess I'll go for that ice-skating date I had with Satan now...
My second thought: Oh!! Coffee!
My third thought: *evil snicker* he he he he. Welcome to the Dark Side my friend.

Magdalen said...

He. Mum sent me a link to one of your pictures of Fr John, and commented "Doesn't he look like Dumbledore?" haha.
It makes me smile to think of the wise and kind father to us, in the role of the wise and kind mentor to Harry. grin.